26 Wild Things You Probably Didn't Know About Fast Food

Did you know that due to a copyright issue, Burger King is called Hungry Jack's in Australia? If you are Australian, yeah, you probably already knew that. But there are some things on this list that will be new to you, like the fact that McDonald's is Brazil’s largest employer, or that you can buy a Bacon Potato Pie at McDonald's in Japan. See the rest of these trivia tidbits at Buzzfeed. Link

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In Australia, The McDonalds logo has the shape of the continent at the bottom of the McDonalds name.

Don't ask for napkins there though --- They are called "Serviettes". "Napkins" are the expression for women's sanitary napkins. I almost got my face slapped the first time I asked, "Where do you keep the napkins?"
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@Neil D, in Australia, there is no shape of the continent of Australia at the bottom of the McDonalds logo. Also, we do call napkins serviettes, although nobody except perhaps the much older generation refers to "sanitary napkins" as such. We call them pads. I doubt any Australian would bat an eyelash if you asked for napkins in Australia.
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Quick, a fast food chain from Belgium which gains popularity in Europe, can not carry Hamburgers in France because MCDonalds already has them. You can order a cheeseburger without cheese though.

A very weird first order. Can I have an Hamburger?
A what? Well a Hamburger. We don't have those, would you like a cheeseburger without cheese.
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