Man Transforms Bedroom Into Arcade, Gets Dumped By Fiancee

It’s a story as old as geekdom itself- guy gets engaged, guy reveals geeky obsession to fiancée, fiancée dumps him for being too geeky.

It’s a real shame when it happens, it’s generally an unfair thing for geeks to have to go through, but sometimes it really is the guy’s fault.

Case in point- a Murray Hill, New York resident by the name of Chris Kooluris spent two years and over $32,000 turning a bedroom into his ultimate 80s arcade dream and ended up letting his relationship fall apart, because he was so obsessed with his game room that he paid his fiancee less attention than his precious coin-ops.

In this instance she might have stuck with him if he’d kept his obsession in check, but now he's left with nothing but Pac-Man fever and an empty coin slot where his heart used to be.

-Via Gothamist

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"Man Transforms Bedroom Into Arcade, Gets Dumped By Fiancee"

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