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The Paranoid That Destroyed the Noid

Do you recall the Domino’s Pizza mascot, the Noid? Their catchphrase was “Avoid the Noid,” the gremlin that made bad things happen to pizza. Domino’s used the Noid in advertising from 1979 to 1989, which I remember well, but I don’t recall that one incident that spelled the demise of the character. See, there was a fellow in Atlanta named Kenneth Lamar Noid, and he was convinced that Domino’s was making fun of him with the Noid character. On January 30, 1989, he took matters into his own hands, which did not work out well for Domino’s. Read the entire story at Pricenomics.

Aparently this incident was not related to the reason that Domino’s dropped its “30 minutes or free” promotion in 1993. That was due to the auto accidents.

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"The Paranoid That Destroyed the Noid"

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