NaNoWriMo is upon us! Post your progress.


I posted way back in March that I was going to give National Novel Writing Month a shot this year. Uh, November came up really fast. But I've made good on my post - I'm working on the novel. I'm a bit behind, I admit - I started a couple of days late. I need to be averaging about 1,700 words a day to hit the 50,000 quota by November 30th (I know, 1,700 times 30 = 51,000, but 1,700 is a nice, round number). I should be at 8,500 words; I'm actually at 5,237 words.

A number of you said you were participating, too. Are you where you wanted to be on the word count? How's it going? Share your experience in the comments. I could use some inspiration!
Oh, here's my page, if you're interested.

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This is my first year and so far I'm loving it. I'm currently and eight thousand-and-something, and am hoping to hit the big 10k tonight.

Good luck, fellow NaNo-ers!
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After completing the goal last year (though that story is far from finished) I couldn't let it pass this year. It was too much fun. I haven't started working on tonight's quota, I am just about to. Bonne chance, everyone!
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I'm at 6,048 and kind of starting to regret NaNo (it doesn't help that the person who I agreed to do it with gave up already...). I didn't write Tuesday because of the election and yesterday I had an allergic reaction that took out my hands, so my momentum is a bit shot. If I can get close to 10,000 words by the end of today I might keep going. It's tough!
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