Watching Politicians is Like ...

Gail at Scribal Terror observed that watching politicans in action is like having to sit through a particular bad experience. For example:

Watching Hillary Clinton is like getting yelled at by the gym teacher for not dressing out.

Watching Fred Thompson is like being smacked on the butt by a gregarious uncle.

Watching Mike Huckabee is like saying the word "huckabee" over and over.

Watching Rudy Giuliani is like being waltzed around the dance floor of a crumbling Venetian ballroom by an aging gigolo with a comb-over. Or going to bed with Niccolo Machiavelli and waking up with Thomas Hobbes.

She's inviting you to make your own observation (no bias here: Democrats, Republicans, and other famous figures are welcome!) - you can enter a comment over at Scribal Terror on how obnoxious it is to watch a particular politician: Link

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"Watching Politicians is Like ..."

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