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I think it's wrong to frame the question as, are the signs sexist? It's not a question of sexism versus the lack of it. It's a question of whether the gendered language, while admittedly inaccurate at least for most definitions of 'men,' is necessary or preferable to nongendered language. Serious, sensitive writers know to avoid gendered language when speaking about individuals whose gender is not known or not determined. If they can convey the same basic meaning without betraying some gender judgment, they do so. In this case, 'Workers Ahead' sounds like a perfectly reasonable, effective alternative to me. It even includes the bonus 'ahead' that strikes me as a more descriptive warning. It's certainly much better than the awkward 'personhole' from 25 years ago.
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Actually "foil" as a transitive verb has an origin independent of "foil" the sword. It just means to defeat or thwart, and doesn't necessarily imply violence.
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Yeah, Criss does do some legitimate (and pretty skillful) in-person street levitation illusions, but this appears to be fancy camera editing and probably some wires.

More than likely, he did do some sort of levitation illusion for the crowd, but the more spectacular parts of this video were edited in later.
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