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As a Canadian I have seen the mace parade on TV. Until yesterday I never knew what an important job the Sergeant-at-Arms does. Now that I do I take even more pride in my country and its traditions.

Mr. Vickers is a true hero and all Canadians owe this man a debt of gratitude.
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Visual Glasses
Invented in 1756 by Benjamin Martin, these were basically the first sunglasses.

They were patented in 1839 by Charles Jachan who wrote "The object of my invention is to protect the eye from too strong a light as much as possible, and this I effect by leaving only a small portion of the surface of the glasses polished and surrounding it with a ground space extending to the circumference or outside rim, intended to obstruct the passage of the rays of light and soften their effect upon the eye, leaving that portion opposite the pupil a small clear circular space."


Tee-Shirt: Math Puns are the First Sine of Madness
Size : XXXL
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The author neglects to mention that sitting poses another problem for men.

The power of the stream make the penis stiffer (think about turning on a water hose). This has the tendency to make the stream travel horizontally. Without due care, the liquid will often fan out when it hits the toilet bowl. This causes it to spew over the rim of the toilet and dribble down. Imagine his conundrum when he pulls up his pants to find them soaked - especially when the poor man is not at home. Worse yet is the accidental stream shooting from under between the rim and the seat when the pressure varies.

Women may ask "Why not direct the offending appendage further downward?" To answer this, I go back to the water hose. Bending the hose will crimp it causing it to require more pressure which fans the stream before it hits the bowl. It also is slower and can cause discomfort or even pain if the gentleman has been holding his bladder for any period of time.
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It take at five matching words to confirm that it is the correct word. By putting in an incorrect word, it only requires the system to check the word one extra time to confirm it.
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I remember programs that made music with the Commodore 64 drive. The wreaked havoc on the heads and could not be re-aligned with software so they had to be brought in for repair.
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