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Here in Central France people would effectively hibernate in winter and I think this is why we get so down as modern folks can't just stay in bed and only get up briefly to feed themselves and the animals.
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According to some historians, around the year AD 764( ish) all the european countries/Kingdoms/realms had different ideas about the year number so one or more of them said enough of this cack next year will be the year 1,000 AD deal with it.
Would an error that large so recent have a huge effect on everything historic and geologic? Where does that put Carbon Dating? Does it explain the " Dark Ages"
We do know that many manuscripts were altered or rewritten shortly after and not always accurately and sometimes to show peoples ancestry in a better light.
Come on the nerds what would that small variable do to carbon dating etc..
Study and reply.
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Get real.
It's a pet deer.
I had one we called Heidi when I was fourteen.
They are really nice unless they decide to, or accidently, kick you on the shin.
Pointy hooves + bone = long term painful bruise.
This is normal play time.
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Unfortunately nature took its course and the union leaders became just as thieving and backstabbing as the companies they were meant to oppose and in many instances were bought by those companies.
Some of them spent most of their time in luxury funded by the workers and extorting money from the employers.
It just became a protection racket.
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