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Newton wins again!

I can't say anything about the movie as I haven't watched it (the only thing I know about it is that @HardSciFiMovies debunked it as such, "While repairing the Hubble Telescope a small group of astronauts encounter high-velocity cloud of debris. They die.")

So, Neatoramanauts, is Gravity worth watching? (and if Gravity let you down, did you, ahem, deserve what you got?)

Oh, and talking about Newton and gravity, here's a tidbit from Neatorama's popular post Ten Strange Facts About Newton:

3. Newton and His Apple: The True Story

The story (popularized by Voltaire, no less!) said that Newton was inspired when he saw a falling apple while walking around his family's garden at Woolsthorpe Manor, to formulate his theory of universal gravitation (some version even claimed the apple fell on his head!).

Newton himself actually said that he was staring out the window in his house when he saw an apple fall from a tree.

Whatever happened to the tree? The King's School in Grantham, Linconshire, England, where Newton went to school, claimed to have purchased the tree and moved it to its garden. Naturally, this is a bone of contention with the Woolsthorpe Manor people who are currently in charge of the upkeep of Newton's home (now a historic site). (Source: Newton's Apple [wiki])

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Miss Cellania, have you seen Moon with Sam Rockwell? I haven't seen Gravity, tho I want to, but when you mentioned the "shockingly small cast" I immediately thought of Moon. Give it a look. It is super good!
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I saw Gravity. I really enjoyed the movie. It has a shockingly small cast. It was the first movie I've seen with 3D glasses, which I didn't care for -it would have been just as good without the effect.
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