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The insertion of lucite balls (essentially ping-pong balls) into the pleural space was a common procedure in the pre-antibiotic era as treatment for pulmonary tuberculosis. The balls (or, alternatively, sponges, oil, other inert substances) compressed the lung, putting it "to rest" or at least decreasing ventilation so that the tubercle bacilli would not be coughed out. The lucite balls were commonly retained for decades without "rejection", although they sometimes migrated or eroded into other structures.
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TYWKIWDBI (pronounced TAI-WIKI-WIDBY) is an acronym for "Things You Wouldn't Know If We Didn't Blog It," a collection of trivialities, ephemera, curiosities, and exotica -


I use it as a repository for all the neat stuff I'd like to read, listen to, or see if/when I lose my short-term memory from Alzheimers; then I'll just visit the blog every day (if I can remember where to find it...)
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These appear to be frogs, not toads (which don't live in bodies of water). I would be surprised if the oxygen content of the water precipitated the migration - frogs breathe air, not oxygen in the water.
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