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If one wants to have one's leg pulled, one doesn't go to the New England Journal of Medicine (try the British Medical Journal at Christmas). The man does exhibit some facial asymmetry, but it is not suggestive of a stroke.

Nice find, John, and very instructive photo to show to young people.
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Skeptics can laugh, but there actually are times when size is not as important as efficacy. BMW even makes a firefighting motorcycle that can get through traffic more quickly than conventional vehicles.
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I thought it was clever of you to start the post with a pleonasm:

The word is new to me: pleonasm, a phrase that uses more words than necessary [to get a point across].
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I have been unable to track down the funding for this study, and whether it has been published in a peer-reviewed journal. If anyone knows either answer, please leave a comment here. Tx.
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I don't have reference material to back this up, but I suspect that the key to the success of the Greenlandic technique lies in the climate.

If meat were left to rot in temperate or hot climates, it would be a breeding ground for bacteria and their toxins. In a cold climate, it may be possible that the meat autolyzes, breaking the tough muscle fibers and making the flesh easier to digest - especially in ancient times when flames and fire might not have been available to do the same thing.

I'll see what I can find out.
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