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I'm not a big fan of Hallowe'en, but I think anyone who gets their jollies from tricking kids with fake candy has serious issues. Did they have a bad experience, as children, that makes them want to ruin it for everyone else? Just look at the faces of kids when they have scored a big bad of free candy. Only a true monster would want to ruin that. Either participate, or turn out your lights and ignore your door.
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Why can't people link to the actual item they are talking about on the other site, rather that just using the site URL? What if we are looking for more information than you provided? Now we have to scroll through that entire site (unless they happen to have a search function) until we find what we are looking for. And when the site you have linked to does the same thing? AAAAAARGH!
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I know what via means. But say someone wanted to read more? It isn't any harder to link to the actual article than to the site it came from, and your readers might appreciate you not wasting their time. The way it is done, here, is like you saying you are taking a road trip of France, and someone telling you that you should visit the Eiffel Tower. You have never heard of it. Wouldn't you appreciate them telling you the city it is in, and how to get there?
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In my opinion, his rationalization for entering the relationship would only have been valid if he had lived with the tribe, and adopted their entire culture. To take her to 20th century America, where he understood the culture, there, was breaking that culture's "rules". I understand that he assumed that she could adapt to modern life, but, when she couldn't I think he should have honored his commitment, and moved back to the Amazon with her. To not do so seems to reinforce the theory that he was only serving his own desires. If he had explained, to the tribe, that his people basically lived on a different planet, compared to them, and declined the offer, she likely would have become a mate to someone from her own tribe, and not had to suffer so much pain. I would think an anthropologist would have realised that.
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Every time I see a post about Sochi, I am more curious how that city won the right to host the Olympics. Their entire infrastructure appears to be antiquated, or poorly maintained. Something seems crooked about their winning bid. They seem totally unprepared to cope with such an large influx of people. In fact, they seem unprepared to support their native population.
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