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Fashion Trend for Women: Armpit Hair Extensions

(Photo: unknown, via xojane)

Two months ago, we told you how to dye your armpit hair and showed you a photo of a woman who had dyed her own a cool shade of blue. Now it's become all the rage. Women are taking up their dye brushes to add unconventional colors to their armpits.

To stand out even further and express their creativity, some women, such as the one pictured above, are also adding hair extensions. That makes a lot of sense. Growing hair takes a long time. A few rhinestones also help bring some sparkle to a lady's armpits

-via American Digest

P.S. The news story of armpit hair dyeing went viral after I wrote about it here, often through posts and articles that directly sourced Neatorama. So, in a small way, I contributed to the spread of this fashion trend. You're welcome.

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I know what via means. But say someone wanted to read more? It isn't any harder to link to the actual article than to the site it came from, and your readers might appreciate you not wasting their time. The way it is done, here, is like you saying you are taking a road trip of France, and someone telling you that you should visit the Eiffel Tower. You have never heard of it. Wouldn't you appreciate them telling you the city it is in, and how to get there?
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"Via" means "by way of." It's just an acknowledgment of where we find something to post about. It's often only a link site, and sometimes has no added information at all. But we still like to thank them.
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Oh, now I understand!

That's a hat tip. In the Neatorama style, we put that at the bottom of a post. I normally provide a hat tip directly the post in question. However, the permalinks in American Digest's sidebar are hard to work with. So I just link to the main page when I find a story from the sidebar of that blog.

I appreciate your feedback. After blogging here for more than five years, I think of the Neatorama style as intuitive. So it's helpful to have a fresh set of eyes look at the way we do things. If our format is confusing to readers, then we should address that problem.
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I was referring to the "via American Digest" link. I gave up looking, after two pages, because I didn't care that much. If someone is going to include a link, they should be thorough enough to link to the article in question.
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Admittedly, there's not a lot of information there, but there's some. I did a reverse image search and some googling and that's all I could come up with.
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