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Had to laugh when I noticed that the last line on this post says, "someone should tell Krissy that she's a replicant," and then the post immediately below it has a picture of a CAPTCHA saying, "Please prove you're not a robot."
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Yup, not going to take the creosote off, but does a good part of the work. Stick a good sized bag with a filter in it so it catches most of the particulates and I think this is a pretty good idea!
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Cannot get over how amazing this cover-up is. If Scott Versago isn't already getting people beating a path to his door from all over the world, he should be. He did a beautiful, beautiful job and a fitting tribute.
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Silly people. Not all hot dogs are made quite this way, nor do all of them have corn syrup. Some are made with higher quality ingredients, and some actually undergo real smoking instead of being showered in liquid smoke while they cook. But they all start from trimmings :) That's the part that seems to gross most people out. Doesn't bother me much either.
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So many people know Tolkien only from the movies or from a sparse reading of The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings. There is so much depth to them because there was so much depth to Tolkien. The man was one of the greatest philologists of all time. He drew from an intimate knowledge of not only Latin, Old English, Norse, Welsh, Gaelic, and more but from their complete historical development. He set out to write a mythology for his beloved Britain and came at that mythology from all angles (pun intended). :)
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