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I've got some invites, drop me a line at James.Roe@gmail.com

Also I would have to say that I really hate some features about joost, namely the ad playback seems ill conceived, and i resent that they are trying to turn my computer into what essentially amounts to a cable box.

That said the documentaries, while currently lacking are good for like 9 - 12 hours worth of viewing, and the sheer hilarity of being able to put on the "diddy" channel is at least worth having an account.
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"The trick would fail if for some reason you start in an “island” inside of the maze."

No, because there would still presumably be a right hand turn to get out of it. If the outside wall was just one big square it might fail, but I would wager that you would notice that you could see all the way from one corner to the next.
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I wonder if it is possible to beat the time on your first try using the maze algorithm. For those of you who are not familiar with it, you essentially take a right hand turn at any intersection, you will eventually traverse the entire maze, or at least make it to the finish.
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I posted a similar vintage advertisement thread over at metafilter ages ago


it's a link to a bunch of vintage beauty adverts over at the Duke Rare Book and Manuscript Collection.


If you like this you might want to check some of those out, there are literally hundreds of truly awesome adverts.
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sweet, that was my post that this was poached from, odd how stuff cycles about the internet. If you liked this, you should check out my site www.itineratesurfer.com for more of similar zanyness.
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