Cozy Apartment Design Challenge.

Simple Simon read about the London flat for sale that was only 7’x11’. He took that as a design challenge. Can such a small space be made livable? His plans include a space-saving sleeping loft. My suggestion would be to combine the shower and toilet area, as they do in some Japanese hotels. Link

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Showering above the toilet has never appealed to me.
It's also too gross to brush your teeth in the same sink you wash the dishes in.

Looks like he made the place habitable, but is it "livable"?
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Have to follow-up my last comment which wasn't intended to put down James Roe.

Don't we all wash our hands, lettuce, dishes, auto parts and such in the kitchen sink?

However, I don't know if an apartment could meet code if it had only one sink.
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James Roe, merging the two sinks would not be sanitary. When I had a business the health department demanded separate sinks for hand washing and any other washing.

As for combing the shower and toilet areas, that's done all the time in RVs and trailers.
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