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This is a wonderful idea. I think it might look better inside out though, with the hours large on the outside and the seconds small on the inside. That would resemble a vortex more - with a fast center and slow outer ring. The seconds would be less distracting that way too and it would be more like a useful clock.
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Participation by seemingly any and all invited contributors at Neatorama like the sh##t-stirring Stanhope is why I lost interest in contributing myself. This post by the amazing Stanhope, like most of his other contributions seems to designed only to stir up hatred and blood lust or some other negative, non-NEAT reaction in the reader. Neatorama is a superb site at its best, but including this joker's posts and other divisive politcally-charged or politically loaded content just serves to dilute the Neatorame "brand". This sort of post at Neatorama is just sad when you compare it to, for example the very fine long form pieces Alex, Miss Celania and others contribute. It really doesn't belong.
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Yep - it's depressing how hateful and negative the commenters here have been. It just takes a tiny amount of imagination to accept that in a free society there's room for this family's novel way of life to be perfectly ok. Obviously we don't live in the sort of world, for instance that my great-grandmother inhabited where she had 9 children - who survived - and that was a good thing for plenty of families to do. We now live in a richer, more diverse world where people can choose to be "breeders" no matter how much others may hate that - or they may choose to be childless - like I hope some of the hate-filled commenters here do. Focus your hate on terrorists or sociopaths instead please - and get a perspective. This family is an exception.
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L.C. says "People suck". Do you mean the people taking the insanely great care of this eagle to give it a new beak? Or do you mean the hunter who fired a shot at it? Or perhaps you're just a human-hater who thinks virtually any action that isn't in harmony with "Goddess Gaia" and all her wonderful creations is a crime?
With those two words L.C. you seem to poetically point out one of the "eternal truths" of humanity - and simultaneously place yourself in the "suck" section.
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chet: the usual anti-capitalist reaction. Try to understand that capitalism is not a zero-sum game. Look upon it as a healthy recycling of the rich guy's money. The $2 billion spent on this goes to all the people hired to work on creating the building. While they're paying their rent and feeding themselves and their families they're making this thing which, with any luck will inspire more people to become greedy (read hungry, passionate) for money. That vision, direction and energy has value that anti-capitalists don't seem to understand at all.
Rather bland design though. At least from the poor slide show at the link. I'm sure it is far nicer in person but there's nothing in the pictures I can see that shows it's a really nice piece of architecture for all that money.
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I think all the animated shows on Adult Swim that are supposed to be funny are just cynical and unfunny. There's never any actual "cartoon" funniness - as in, say classic Warner Bros. Looney Toons. All of the "humor" is in the dialog - and the vast majority of it is cynical parody. Some of the characterizations of celebrities in Robot Chicken can be quite well observed, and the low-budget, low-skill ethic of the animation probably involves more artistry than it appears. But the relentless cynicism in that show, as in most of the others just becomes monotonous.
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