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incorrect. Emojis stemmed from the 'smileys' that us ancient programmers used back in the 90's and even before that ;)
Notice I just used one? That was the origin of emoji. Someone later just wanted a graphical representation of what people were typing for lazy people who couldn't type 2 characters.
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Ok so speaking as a Seattlite, more people have accidents here in the rain because they are all transplants not used to driving in the rain. They all come here from California or Texas or wherever and have no clue how to drive in the rain. Plus 80% of them now are staring at their damn phones while they drive instead of the car in front of them! This is where the accidents come from. I had two accidents as a result of people hitting me from the rear and then two other cars hitting THEM in the rear merely because I had to stop suddenly... but I paid attention and didnt hit anyone; unfortunately no one behind me paid attention and two other cars just all plowed into each other. This happened MULTIPLE times!! Not I am always slowing down pre-emptively to make sure morons don't tailgate me and start paying attention and look up from their phones.
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