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this story is really sad - this kind of familial pressure happens all the time, but because there's a $65 million dollar bounty, this one makes the news. Lesbians are often raped or abused in hopes of "turning them straight." I've been out of the closet for 15 years, and i can't count the number of times I've been told that I just needed a "good man" to set me "straight." It's really sad.
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to johnnycat ~ i've been in the real world, thanks, and i'll stay where I am. I waited to go to college until I had worked for 12 years, and the real world sucks. ~ and to bradbury ~ my politics are about as far to the left as it gets. I just have an appreciation for language. One can be liberal AND have manners : )

I challenge you to go a single day without using expletives, just as a challenge to yourself.
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I agree that it shouldn't be illegal, but I wish people in general would clean up their language. I'm on a college campus nearly every day, and it's sad how many f-bombs I hear in the five minute walk to and from my car. I just think it sounds . . . disgusting. There are so many words to choose from in the English language, why don't people use them? I'm only 30, and my politics lean pretty far to the left. I wouldn't say I'm even a little conservative,. . . I just wish people could find something more worthwhile to say. What do you guys think?
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I worked in Amazon's customer service department for almost 4 years ~ i'm sure the price was just an input error, and it's actually very easy to fix from amazon's side. I tried to find some of the other gems we came across in customer service, but most of them are gone now ~ like the $2 million "land cruiser" (with $1 shipping!) and the Ace Hardware store for 5 million. There are lots of strange things on amazon, like whole skinned rabbits (seriously, in the gourmet foods section), Caskets (just search "casket" and a whole slew of them appear), and my favorite, Bondage Duck (search B000Z4KQNC ) ~ working for Amazon, i learned that they really DO sell everything.
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My uncle went to his 50th high school reunion with his wife, and apparently, he was singing karaoke ~ he sang "He Stopped Loving Her Today," by George Jones . . . . and then literally fell over dead from a heart attack.
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i can't help it. i have a problem. a serious problem. I just have these moments . . . beavis and butthead just channel through me ~ i can't order "fire" sauce at taco bell without hearing beavis say "Fire! Fire! Fire!" so when i read this . . . all i could hear was . . . "uhhh huh huh huh, he said nuts, huh huh huh . . ." (tp for my bunghole!)
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I usually stay out of the mudslinging, but i have to point this out . . .

Barack is not, and has never been a muslim. He is a Christian. It really doesn't matter what religious view he has, but so many people are stuck on this point. Fox news alluded that he was Muslim several times, and apparently, this is where it's coming from.

If you watch Fox news ~ try (just once) looking outside that box for information. Fox news is biased and completely untrustworty for factual information.

I personally think hope is the right word ~ so many of us out here are hoping for a change. Hope is the only thing we have left to hang on to.
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Rain Man was so largely based on a guy named Joe Sullivan from Huntinton, WV. When the movie originally premiered, they also held a premier there, and there are still posters signed by the cast hanging in the Autism Services offices, an organization founded by his mother, Ruth Sullivan. Joe's savant skills are more with numbers ~ he can tell you what day of the week any date in history fell on, he can do large number mathematics in his head, in seconds, and he can also count things amazingly fast ~ i remember one day (i worked with joe) when some cheerios were spilled in the kitchen, and in two seconds he told me that there were 281 cheerios on the floor . . . we counted just to be sure (took us about 5 minutes!) and he was dead on. Savant skills are amazing . . . great article!
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there are a lot of people, especially in the south, i think, that collect coke memorabilia. i can understand collecting thimbles, and spoons, and stamps or cards . . . but coke stuff? interesting . . .
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