Father Offers $65 Million Bounty to Any Man Who Can Woo and Marry His Lesbian Daughter

A father seeking suitors for his daughter's hand in marriage is nothing new, but what makes this story a bit unusual is the bounty of $65 million a Hong Kong billionaire offered to anyone who can woo and marry his daughter. Oh, there's a catch: she's a lesbian.

Property and shipping tycoon Cecil Chao publicly promised the "marriage bounty" after reports emerged that his daughter had wed her long-term girlfriend.

Mr Chao, who has never married himself, told the BBC his daughter was still single and needed a "good husband".

Same-sex unions are not recognised in Hong Kong, although homosexuality was decriminalised in 1991.

Gigi Chao, a businesswoman and graduate from the University of Manchester, is said to have married her female partner of seven years, Sean Eav, in a ceremony in France earlier this year.

But her flamboyant father rejected the claims as false, adding that his generous offer had already generated many replies from potential suitors.


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Human is born free, and no person is allowed to impose his thoughts to others. If you love someone like you got into a temper and be calm , I respect your opinion. If I was your father, instead of your eyes see the truth in love. Then maybe I could participate in the celebration of marriage with happiness and I would give you $ 64 million.
I think the biggest heart in the world is peace and tranquility has nothing to do with gender. $ 64 million might be able to live a dream for every man who wants to marry you, but I think will be finished to the life of the world is not eternal. The only thing that does not end with the sum of all the money in the world can not buy, just a matter of love is, the love between father and daughter Or the love between men and women or between two same-sex love .
I wish your dad would look kind circle of love around you, as I'm watching it and I wish you gets love to hear words of your father as the hearing I am. Just close your eyes and ears, it will guide you loving father to his daughter, and the daughter returns to her father.
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this story is really sad - this kind of familial pressure happens all the time, but because there's a $65 million dollar bounty, this one makes the news. Lesbians are often raped or abused in hopes of "turning them straight." I've been out of the closet for 15 years, and i can't count the number of times I've been told that I just needed a "good man" to set me "straight." It's really sad.
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