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I usually don't post as much as I used to, however, I try to make this up by getting into contact with artists and filmmakers across the globe such as my new friend Samuel Cockedey with his Timelapse works. I think by having us branch into areas that usually don't get picked up or creating more original posts by getting professional authors, artists and so forth agreeing to making Neatorama exclusive things would be'd really give us the edge on our competition for sure. :) And we'd be garnering more visitors and perhaps retaining our current folks by offering more original creative stuff.
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I honestly want to try those octopus things and the blood drinkable know like on the subway and see how people react. :)
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Honestly, I used to use Digg everyday but once the whole debacle of Power Users and then shady interest groups started plying their influence over certain articles and then the new design feature which effectively negated regular users from being able to put up articles they find interesting...and worst of all the inclusion of certain websites who spammed the frontpage with their own stuff...that was the last straw. Moved on to Reddit...sure it's a bit crazy as well but it's fine for now.
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I have always found Eddie to quite an iconic and amazing mascot for an excellent band. He reminds me of a zombie who still knows how to rock. :p
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As a bibliophile this really made my Saturday so much more awesome. I really appreciate the old method of book making and binding so much more visceral and enjoyable to hold, read, and keep. Great video!
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Finally! Jeez. I've been arguing about this very notion that we ourselves are becoming a species that are moving to a more digital information people...and yet there are those who say we need SETI. Pffft. SETI is a waste of money.
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I have always found that whoever chips in the most gets the most pizza slices...then again I usually order a pizza for myself and one other person.
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