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I almost had this happen to me. I mindlessly dropped some batteries in to the wrong pocket where my keys were. Fortunately in less than a minute my wife needed to borrow my keys. The keys and the batteries were blazing hot. Now I don't ever put batteries in any pockets.
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I thought that they failed at a great tension builder by not having Rikers voice narrating "..where no one has gone before" to open the 2nd part.
The next season had most of my favorite episodes from the entire run.
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The current streaming menu doesn't show me the more obscure films I might like to watch so I've started searching a different way. I put a letter in the search till actors/directors names are recommended. when you click on a name, it shows all the movies/shows they are in. Most of the movies that get listed have never been offered to me in the main menu. I scroll through the names and find all kinds of stuff I would never have seen otherwise.
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I'm surprised he decided to pursue this business model. He must not have payed attention to the terrible failure of SendYourEnemiesAnthrax.
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Growing up, we always wrote letters to Santa and then sent them to the north pole by way of the fireplace. I wanted to continue this tradition with my kids but I live where fireplaces aren't necessary so I haven't had a working chimney to do it. It's just not the same putting a letter to Santa on the barbecue. Though the rib roast I got in my stocking that year was fantastic.
The last several years we have had the Doctor Who Christmas invasion as part of our tradition so we have sat through the Queen's speech as well.
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It needed the bat suit with the Superman Logo.
If they would just make the Elseworlds story Speeding Bullets, If Kal-El had landed in Gotham, That would be awesome.
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It's good that the artist did not fall in to the stereotype of showing a fish head on a date drinking Italian coffee with an Asian woman, because no matter what you may have been told, that is never seen.
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Seeing eye dogs also only poop on command.I got to train a seeing eye dog. teaching them to stay in one place and to poop on command was difficult.
I train all my dogs like seeing eye dogs now.
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We did that several times. Go in for shampoo and light bulbs and suddenly the cart is full.
My wife and I started calling those kind of shopping trips, $300 weekends. It's happened way too many times
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