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One time in one of the high school biology labs we were doing the dissection of fetal pigs. A student called me over and showed me one that had both genitalia, a true hermaphrodite.
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Mrs.O heats up the water and then uses the hot water and a tea bag to make her hot tea. It's also basically the way she can get it at a restaurant.
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Reminds me of Dulse up in New Brunswick Canada. I came in bags like potato chips. My Mother loved it. I thought it tasted vile.
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Speaking of Halley's Comet I remember my grandfather telling me how spectacular it was. Visible in daytime. Had a lot of people in fear. Some think it had some causal effect in the later flu epidemic..
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One fall semester at college I paid my bill with 7 one hundred dollar bills just for the heck of it. I worked hard all summer in a factory and earned a lot. Was fun counting them out one by one at the cashier's.
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At my older daughter's wedding reception some guy was going around taking photos. No one I knew or hired and found out neither did the groom's side. I confronted him, grabbed his camera to destroy any photos and told him to get lost or I'd call the cops. He did, and I never did find out what was up. Maybe someone was going to rob the guest's rooms. I'll never know. I guess I scared him enough for sure.
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