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As long as we still have choices, and we should, I'll pick a diet of an omnivore, which humans are.So now National Geographic is our nanny?
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Interesting. We had those typewriters when I was teaching. Then the Apple folks came and gave us computers with MS Word and printers. The IBM selectrics made good door stops.
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I remember seeing some fools at Yellowstone standing next to a buffalo - posing for photos. They were lucky it did not get spooked.
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Yes, we do not hear ourselves as others hear us. Our recorded voice is probably not the same either. I was a DJ on FM radio and still do on the internet. Hearing my own voice is still odd. Speaking of, when I used to call my Mother, she would ask who it was. I'd say---"your son" and she would say which one. Guess my brother's voice is that similar.
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I always thought it would be cool to have an all-Bass band/orchestra with nothing but bass instruments.Maybe have Ezio Pinza sing solo.
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"Goodness had nothing to do with it."Mae West to W.C. Fields when he was admiring her diamond ring and said,"oh, my goodness." Classic.
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War is really horrible. Once I had to help a friend and checked him into a VA Psych Ward with issues from Viet Nam. There were some in there from WW2. Fortunately my friend was treated and he did go on to live a useful life.
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