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What's with all this "how WE view ourselves", "OUR identity", "WE'VE confused who we are"? I can't stand social commentaries that say "WE as a people" and "OUR minds" in the first person. Leave me out of it, psych-speak!
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Finally, the one word that describes how I feel 98% of the time. There's a company (a design boutique maybe?) somewhere in Brooklyn that sells "A Vague Sense of Dread" in a black can.
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100% not funny. Boring, lonnngg story told in an uninteresting way. And I NEVER want to see an embedded video that doesn't have fast-forward or scrub controls. Fail.
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I live in the deep woods. We have skunks, raccoons, chipmunks, squirrels, coy dogs, the works. There are so few, if any at all, that actually wreak havoc or that become a disease risk. Anybody that kills animals is a paranoid, hateful freak - period - no matter how you cut it. Violent stupid humans.
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Pretentious and affectatious. I've sold everything except my Mac, cellphone and clothing and now live in a family member's mobile home because of devastating life circumstances. Hitting rock bottom and really facing some raw facts, especially internally, are simply words to those who would not last a WEEK doing the same. This is just an 'exercise' for Mr. Brand Name Tech Entrepreneur. I'm not hating here - I have lots of life experience and a big heart.
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