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This has been in the local papers for the past couple days. He will be charged for the removal, but so far, she hasn't been able to get another company willing to remove it. They're all "too busy", and they're all cronies of the mayor.
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Let's not forget that, as with any elementary/high school test, the material was taught in the month/week prior to the test.
I'm 29 years old, and I may not be able to complete a test that I myself once aced in the 8th grade.
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My assumption as to why this is not getting publicity is because bowling itself is not really a sport, but rather a game. A woman beating a man in a largely athletic sport such as tennis is an achievement. But winning at bowling is not much different than winning at a game of darts or snooker; gender is hardly a shortcoming.
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Money, I think. Since no one wanted to cut it up (at whatever price the city was offering) I'm guessing no one wanted to wrap a dead, rotting, 8-ton whale in chains and then haul it out to sea. Dynamite was cheaper.
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