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JT, I agree that the concept of Monster Dolls has potential, but I don't think they send a message of "taking pride in what makes you an individual" when the doll is changing her appearance to fit societal norms (hairlessness), when the doll is sexualized and when the character has nothing more interesting to list among her hobbies than "flirting with boys." It sends the message to girls that what's important is their appeal to the opposite sex.
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I read about these in the book Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach. It's a very interesting book about funeral rituals in different cultures, all the things people do with their bodies, etc. Her writing style is very funny, sort of dry and colorful like David Sedaris', so it's an easy read.
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I wonder if the same is true for cactuses/cacti? Both area correct, but people always give me funny looks when I say cactuses, which I prefer because it sounds silly.
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I love the architecture, but I'm not sure how I'd feel living in an old church. However, it would provide motivation to be on my best behavior!
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Oh, those are tacky! I can't believe how much time and money some people will spend just to be famous. But his bushy grey eyelashes are kind of funny...
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Wow. Last night was the first proper night's sleep I've had all week. Unfortunately, I had a horrible headache this morning and ended up sleeping for half the day. I woke up to read neatorama and discover I'm a day late in my celebration of sleep day!
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