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Please leave the political commentary out of your articles. This site is getting more smug and preachy all the time...

Not to mention the article concludes that fearmongering against nuclear energy was a net POSITIVE?! This article and prelude is practically a joke...

Nuclear can/could have reduced carbon output and is really the best solution on the table for clean energy at the moment... https://www.wired.com/2007/12/nuclear-qa/
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Can we PLEASE not post political stuff on Neatorama? I stopped reading the MissCellania blog because it got too political. This article was somewhat informative at the beginning, then got downright political at the end. I expect better here.
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I definitely agree that it could be due to internet access and computers. I would argue against the claim that it's poverty though.
When the changeover happened, the government was handing out coupons for free converter boxes. Also, you don't need a new antenna to pick up the signals. I was using an old "rabbit ear" + "bowtie" antenna set from 1981 for awhile.
Lastly, new TVs are roughly equal in price, if not cheaper than the old CRT sets that everyone used to be able to purchase.
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