The Debt Ceiling

The controversy over the debt ceiling is related to, but not the same as, the federal budget and government shutdown. The concept was created 115 years ago, and a look into the history of U.S. government debt can give you a better idea of what it's all about.

Writer Mike Duncan and illustrator Jason Novak put the short version into cartoon form, which makes it much easier to get through. In the small portion shown here, most Americans of a certain age would recognize President Lyndon Johnson even without the hat because of his colorful language, but relevant figures are labeled anyway, because the timeline starts at the beginning of the Spanish-American War. -via Digg

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It is kind of nice to keep political (and a few other topics) separate from everything else. For people and places that I go to for political discussions, I try to stick to ones that are polite and thoughtful, among other characteristics, even though some people there are on opposite sides of an issue. It kind of sucks to have to apply that criteria everywhere, to avoid places because they have a few people who can't be reasonable, or at least civilized, about things.

Besides, few things can kill the fun of a place like watching people you thought were cool become unhinged over stuff, regardless of whether they are on the opposite side, same side as you, or are discussing a topic you don't even care about.
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Well, for the record, I don't watch The Daily Show or get my news from entertainment sites. I'm also not so delicate that merely seeing an cartoon or article from the other side of the argument (I'll not say which side I sit on) offends me. I'm not a made of crepe paper. I'm an American built of tougher stuff.

Also, being a coming forma Jewish family, I couldn't disagree more with the comparison. Nor is this anything like "Two girls, One cup".

Again, if you are so sensitive that you cannot handle seeing an contrary opinion, or a political cartoon, I recommend a vacation from the internet.

Both sides are painted in a very ugly way, all the time. This comes from both sides!! We can't all just wilt, or request a censorship of the other opinion. That, my friend, is un-American.
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People who get offended by political posts probably don't get their news from Jon Stewart or entertainment sites. They probably want a break from such fun.

This falls into the "can't unsee" category. It's classic propaganda along the lines of making Jewish look like devils. By the time I got to that point, the shift was subtle but there. It would be like a blog post saying "Two Girls, One Cup" is the "Neatoramist" thing on the Internet. You click, trusting Miss Celania's judgment and WOAH.

But it's okay. I'm here to warn you folks when you're full of cow dung (takes one to know one?). :)
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From what I can tell, the only people who get offended by political posts here are those who sit on the other side of the aisle from what ever the post is saying.

Don't like it? Don't read it. Heck, I have to skip some of the gross foods! Those give me the willies! Pictures of clowns? Call me an ambulance.

Skip the stuff you don't like, enjoy the stuff you like. That's life. Nothing in this world is ever going to be perfect.
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"The Debt Ceiling"

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