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I had an stove like that growing up (as well as lots of small cast iron cookware), but it never occurred to me to actually light a fire in the thing.
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I find that amusing. Imagine trying to find the page with Mercury on it.

There is a scale model of the solar system in Ithaca, NY, starting downtown and ending up at the Sciencenter. Even spanning a distance of 1.2km, the planets are tiny and the space between them seems so vast.
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Double spacing after a period made sense with typewriters, but word-processing programs now add more space after a period automatically, so it should be unnecessary.
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My guess is that the choir director wanted to record the song and put it on youtube, so he made them wear masks to avoid any potential privacy issues from filming minors and putting it on the internet.

Just a guess.
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I doubt that she kept the bottles in the same place. It seems more likely that the superglue bottle was left on a table, then put back in the wrong place because she didn't recognize what it was. The poor woman!
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