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I haven't eliminated resumes from my hiring, but I take social presence very seriously (I'm in marketing, mind). I've disqualified candidates for their Twitter posting histories, particularly when those posts represent continual, victimized harping about their current/former job, or link to blog posts that reveal completely inappropriate behavior.
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Actually that's a 10 oz can; you can tell by the rolled lip. All beverage cans in Canada used to be 10 oz. They were much thinner than modern 12 oz cans.

That said, I miss you, big man. You were one cool dude.
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As a woman who loathes the Twilight "saga", I can say with absolute clarity that treating the story as a sappy romantic fantasy is as much a misinterpretation as assuming "More than Words" by Xtreme is a love song just because the tune sounds pretty.

The story is filled with juvenile wish-fulfillment, selfish manipulation and ruthless self-aggrandizement, all wrapped up in a package delivered by a cypher clearly intended to make the reader or viewer take on that persona for the duration of the fantasy.

It's a terrible lesson for adolescent girls (hook up with the stalker monster and let him do all the work rather than making something of yourself), and the writing and acting is mostly abysmal.

There are plenty more romances out there that have substance and female protagonists with agency that are much more satisfying. That's why this woman loathes Twilight.
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I like my drawstring bag of plush plagues better. Some of them vibrate unpleasantly when you pull their cord!
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My beloved husband got me one of these last year. It's brilliant.

The little evil animals have special recepticles in their bellies to accommodate any one of the narwhal's interchangeable tusks.

I'm partial to the magical ice tusk myself.
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