The Avenging Narwhal

The studies revealed that millions of years ago, penguins, snow seals and koalas ruled the earth. For sustenance, they feasted upon whales, dolphins, and other sea mammals to the point of near extinction. But the Narwhal went into hiding beneath the ice of the North Pole, biding their time, planning their revenge and sharpening their tusks. Finally, they re-emerged, tusks gleaming with newfound magical power, and fought back against the adorable creatures that threatened their existence. The battle was long, and many Narwhal were lost, but their strong will and sharp tusks were enough to stave off the cute ones temporarily.

See a closeup and read the full description from the back of the package at the West Virginia Surf Report. Available from Archie McPhee. Link -via Reddit

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in the immortal words of Freakazoid:

This is the Narwhal.
Denne er narkval
Hvor er narkval?
Where is the narwhal?
Lykkkelig liten narkval!
Happy Little narwal!

This has been Conversational Norwegian with Freakazoid.
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i love my Unicorns Vs. Narwhals set from the same company. no adorable little things to get impaled in this set, but they're probably compatible if i want to expand.
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My beloved husband got me one of these last year. It's brilliant.

The little evil animals have special recepticles in their bellies to accommodate any one of the narwhal's interchangeable tusks.

I'm partial to the magical ice tusk myself.
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"The Avenging Narwhal"

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