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This snippet from the State newspaper sums up the feeling very well;

"State employees have not received cost of living increases in four years and no merit-based raises since 2001. Layoffs and furloughs have been commonplace in the last few years. The General Assembly is talking now about making cuts to their pension plans."

No, it's not really a great day in SC when you have 11.1% unemployment and that has been rising steadily since Governor Haley took office.

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It's embarrassing to admit this but back in 95 I declared that the Internet was a fad and didn't see it going very far.

I eat those words every day due in part that I have made a great and rewarding career as a Web Applications Developer for the past 13+ years.

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I do believe Profkampf was actually taking the piss about it since he himself is denied the right to marry because of the "Marriage is Sacred" argument that keeps governments passing these laws against gay marriages.
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Ok, now this is a redesign which is not a major overhaul and it still feels like the old one. Great job and thanks for including all of our comments in the process ;-)
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* I never use the date functions on Neatorama. I read it everyday :-)

* Although I do use Social Media services I have never felt the need to click on one in any of the websites that I visit everyday.

* Never use the categories section.

* I think the text and picture sizes are just perfect. I was horrified when BoingBoing did it as I lost all aspect of where I was on the page.

Not that I am trying to sound all old and fuddy duddy but I REALLY ENJOY the Neatorama layout. It's easy to read and flows in a manner that I can quickly glance over articles. Also, I am here for the content, not necessarily the design (although I must because it's easy to read!).

I am still not used to the new redesigns at BoingBoing and Engadget and I feel like I lost 2 friends whenever they did it.

Keep up the good work!!!
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With being a computer programmer for quite awhile I must admit that it doesn't compare to the satisfaction that I get whenever I get to work with my hands building something out of wood or digging a hole. After watching this, it's embarrassing how we have ridiculed the manual laborer here in America but yet Mike is right when he says that most manual laborers he has met are the happiest and I cannot disagree.
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United Airlines was by far the worse I have ever flown. Trip to the U.K. resulted in lost luggage there and lost luggage upon return to the States. This coming from a well seasoned domestic and international traveler. It only took the first and only time flying with them to decide I would never use them again.
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