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Pause at 26 seconds. Frame advance.

"Bomb" clearly flopped on ground next to last players foot, not in the hole.

That's because throwing the dummy bomb down on top of the real charge could trigger an early explosion, or cause shrapnel injury.
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I don't think I could ever understand the "food challenge" trend. Are we really so compelled to waste?

That said, no one has ever finished the Killjoy Challenge: A bucket of hot wings, three bags of pork rinds, a pint jar of shelled spanish peanuts, two pounds of chili cheese fries, and a whole case of beer. All within two hours.

Makes about as much sense, doesn't it? Pick some arbitrary quantities of foods that are commonly eaten together, call it a challenge and wait for the moron from the Food Network to show up.
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Just saw this in person at Dick's Sporting Goods today. The useful cooking area is TINY. The whole thing is about the diameter of smallish car tire. I don't think you could cook for three, unless everyone were eating different things (using different surfaces to cook on) or if two of the three were kids.

Although the blue knobs are a cool design feature, the most important feature is poor. The cooking surface appears to be a sheet of stamped and coated (painted?) steel, and didn't look like it would last long.
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@Ben Eshbach

I'd pay between 10% and 25% more to live in a community that didn't allow dogs or outdoor cats.

Everywhere I've lived, there's been a neighbor who thinks it's a good idea to get a noisy, undisciplined dog.

The family behind me got an Akita that would constantly bark whenever anyone was outside. It was literally non-stop barking when the kids went out, when I used the grill, or when I mowed the lawn. "Fortunately" they got divorced and the wife took the dog.

The family that recently moved in next to me has three large dogs and two outdoor cats. The cats have been crapping in my flowerbeds ever since I added sand and other additives to improve the hard clay soil. Two of the dogs only poop along the fence nearest my house. The stench of feces can get truly awful during midsummer and I have to mention it to them on a regular basis, and that only gets the dog crap cleaned up for a day or two. Liberal application of animal repellent that claims to work for dogs and cats hasn't worked so far.

On second thought, I'm SURE I'd pay 10-25% more to live in a "pets prohibited" community.
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It's called motorcycle rodeo, and it's a favorite pastime of mine in the summer and a rapidly growing sport. (Note the banner at the end, indicating it's a "1st Annual" event? I hope they're still at it 20 years from now.)

This guy does have skills to be proud of. I'd like to see him up against some of the Japanese and German riders I've seen on Kawasakis and BMWs.

But a brief viewing shows that the course here lacks at least a couple customary features like stops and decreasing radius turns. If he enters any competitions, he should expect those, too.
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I don't recall if it is the same site, but I saw a similar site about ten years ago that seemed to have grown out of a magazine-based dating club.

I've been around "live-aboards" at yacht clubs on boats ranging from 30 to 90 feet long, and I can tell you with complete certainty that living aboard a private yacht is a lifestyle suitable for very few people. Trying to find someone willing and suitable for a long term live-aboard relationship is very difficult. I almost think you'd have an easier time finding an attractive vegan transgendered Asian woman between the ages of 27 and 32.

Lots of people see the romance of the boat and think they want that, so I've never seen a live-aboard who was lonely for long except by choice. But few outsiders realize how difficult it is to sustain.

It gets easier if the boat is about 60 feet or more, but even then there are real challenges, and the reality is that most who live aboard are in smaller vessels than that anyway.
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I wish the introduction had said "First, fix your gaze on the white dot in the center and watch the video. Then come back and read the rest of this description."

The poster spoiled the illusion for me by skipping an important part of the instructions.
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The mother-in-law lounger.

That thingy on the left pulls down so we can load it with food and drink.

The TV receives only home shopping networks, soap operas, game shows, televangelists, and E! and OWN channels.
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Is this a copy of Toto's top of the line domestic (Japanese) market toilet from five or ten years ago, or is it the same toilet imported under someone else's name?

You forgot to mention the included remote control.
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Show that embossed Letter "A" Eagle on a homemade project like this or a barbecue grill in this area and you'll get prosecuted for theft of property.

Anheuser-Busch maintains ownership of all the kegs and recycles the damaged ones in-house. They never sell used kegs for projects like this.

People get arrested at the local metal scrapyard on a regular basis trying to recycle beer kegs, but Anheuser-Busch is particularly well known for insisting on prosecution.
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