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Felt like I was watching the clip on silent reel-to-reel film like in grade school...just needed a few empty frames and some film melt towards the end...
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As a Christian, it offends me when stupid people call themselves Christian and have to point it out to others and then it goes viral on the internet and all of the non-Christians end up making generalizations about other Christians. Hate is definitely NOT a Christian trait, it's just part of being human. Sigh...
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He does realize that SAVING that money he spent on all that liquor could have bought him several copies of Fallout 4, correct? #attentionwhore
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That toilet is giant!! You cant really get a good perspective until you look at some of the other photos on Ace of Spades where there is actually a crew member next to it. What the heck kind of toilets are those?!
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Because nothing bad happens to white people. We all eat caviar and $hit money. There's never any violence against whites by blacks either, because that would be racist, and we all know blacks would never do such a thing.
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