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It's unfortunate that you've only met the wrong kind of atheists. Most of us aren't even interested in talking about it. It simply isn't a factor in our lives. But believe me, I know the ones you're talking about. For what it's worth, I'm an atheist, and to the extent you can say you've "met" me... well I think you're just fine and dandy, my friend, no matter what you do or do not believe. So hopefully that counts. :)
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Yes, well that might work in the fantasy world of leprechauns and unicorns you inhabit; but out here in the real world, turning the other cheek to the wrong person is likely to get you killed, and extending an olive branch all too often only gives a psychopath something to beat you with. If I ever caught someone doing something like this to my cat - or any other defenceless animal - I would do my utmost to stomp their worthless, cowardly ass into the pavement, just to teach them a sorely-needed lesson about picking on someone their own size. Sorry if that ruffles your sunshine-and-lollipop feathers, but it rankles when someone compares me to a torturer.
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