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no. 981 - @Cpt_Burnout

~Illustration by: Stacey Mcwee~

no. 980 - @badbanana

About Twaggies

A twag is a tag in the Twittersphere.

In 2009, after interviewing Randall Munroe about his xkcd Web-comic, @resila was inspired to launch Twaggies, a crowdsourced comic. But because @resila couldn't even draw a stick figure successfully, much less a twaggie, he cajoled @yaelbt, and others into handling the goods. These days, Twaggies are doodled by more than two dozen amazing illustrators and artists, including @barneda, @KevvoCoffee and many others.

Twaggies creates original comics for, as well and is syndicated daily over on

no. 979 - @Tmoney68

~Original illustration: Ricardo Costa~

no. 978 - @BonaFideIntent

~Illustrated by: Alex Seth Alex~

no. 977 - @BillMc7

~Illustrated by: Stefan Hey~

no. 976 - @ImmorallyFixate

~Illustrated by: Jake Slingland~

no. 975 - @CelebrityChez

~Illustrated by: Stefan Hey~

no. 974 - @BambamVictoria

~Illustration by: Charles C. Somerville~

no. 973 - @TheMichaelRock

~Illustrated by: Stefan Hey~

no. 972 - @badbanana

~Illustration by: Carnilius R~

no. 971 - @yoyoha

~Original illustration: Ricardo Costa~

no. 970 - @UNTRESOR

~Illustration by: Charles C. Somerville~

no. 969 - @sixthformpoet

~Original illustration: Ricardo Costa~

no. 968 - @ImNotMegan1

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