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A friend of mine was arrested for a DUI while sitting in his living room.

We were partying in his house and a drunk driver ran into his car that was parked on the street and then drove off. When we reported the incident to the cops to get a police report he was arrested and charged with a DUI.

The only thing that saved him is the drunk driver lost a piece of his front grill at the scene and then smashed into a telephone pole a mile away...... but even with all that it took weeks and thousands in lawyer bills for him to clear his name.
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That is a brilliant business strategy.

It really does cost more (time and money) to live poor thus making it a vicious circle. (milk at a corner store in a low income area is more expensive then a nice super market in the burbs, if you don't have a checking account then you have to pay your bills with money orders which cost money and time because you have to go out of your way to get them.
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One of the many reasons why I maintain a old fashion cell phone that doesn't have access to the internet, facebook, twitter....ect.

It just rings when someone calls me and I have a few video games on it to occupy me when I am on the toilet.
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I find there is a direct correlation between how much I spend on a pair of sunglasses and how fast they break.

A pair of $250 sunglasses usually last a week while my $10 gas station sunglasses will probably be passed onto my grandchildren in my will.
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