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Bringing a baby into this world is an amazing thing and babies are beautiful but there is nothing pretty about any part of the baby making process and the details of child birth is something that should be left in to delivery room.... not on a cake.

I have a coworker that makes her sons watch their birth videos every year on their birthdays including full close up shots of their mother's woohaw and them being pushed out. Her poor kids will probably end up misogynists or terrified of women.
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Saudi men seem to be very insecure about their ability to hold onto their women.

Their women have to cover up from head to toe, can't leave the house with out permission and a male relative with them, can't drive, most can't work even though a majority of all college graduates in Saudi are women (Saudi is fixing this by building all women industrial parks so women can go to work but at the same time won't be tempted to jump on the first man they see).... lastly a woman can be arrested for prostitiution if she is caught talking to a man that is not a family member.

It is a crazy backwards place.
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