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People in modern times have very sound reasons for being against tobacco. It's not just arbitrarily spoiling the fun. The whole point is understanding that smoking tobacco causes people to die a painful death does not make someone a "killjoy". That was pretty stupid wording. He should have written the post a little better.
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Anti-smoking killjoys? Let me assure you that when my the tumor in my aunt's lung grew and pressed into nerves in her back, causing her to spend her last months in constant excruciating pain, it killed her joy quite dead.
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Of the two Chinese speaking countries Taiwan is the one with the more interesting dog grooming styes. And one must never pass up the opportunity to remind people from the People's Republic of China that Taiwan is a separate sovereign country.
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House spiders are adapted to indoor conditions so they will most likely die if you take them outside. I used to do that, too. If it's not a dangerous spider the way to deal with it is to leave it alone and avoid creating conditions that encourage excess spiders to breed. Usually what encourages them is moisture.
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"In fact, lab animals’ lives are so precisely watched and measured that the researchers can rule out accidental human influence..." Um, really? Working for a rodent breeder I saw many unfed rats, rats in filthy cages, rats drowned or with infected sores on their bodies due to being on wet bedding when the watering tubes leaked and rats dead of dehydration when the watering tubes were blocked. The excuse was that people responsible for their care couldn't be everywhere or see everything. So unless there has been a drastic change in the care of rodents their care is completely random and haphazard and their living conditions are a wild card.
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I got into the habit of putting a half sharp disposable razor aside to use when I'm low on money whenever I switched to a brand new sharp razor and I ended up with dozens of half sharp razors. Now I'm trying to get rid of those by using them until they are painful to use.
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