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Internecine, I used to stress the second syllable rather than the third.

Cache, whereby I added to the "Cash" a flamboyant "Ay!".

I'm sure there are dozens of others...
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I'm all for $178 sandwiches, but Pilgrim's Choice is filth.

In fact,I do believe the primary motivation behind the foundation of the Plymouth Colony was to escape the horribly wide variety of excellent cheese in Europe for the solace of the plasticy, tube based, US equivalent.

So what do they know?
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The less coverage for the chump, the better all round.

Shortly after the first ever video game, this debate was settled in the minds of all thinking people.

We are just listening to an old man work through his prejudices in public.
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Hmmm. I always hoped my hometown would make it to the hallowed pages of Neatorama. Just not in this way! Not a cute-thing-story!

I guess it is a quiet little place, and probably still a bit tired from the whole begetting Darwin affair.

Cheers from here anyway, I shall think fondly of this here site every time I hear a dog cluck.
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Reminds me a bunch of this...


It that from the same guy? I've seen it only on a tshirt (the design is called 'fugitive').
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Philli- Agree about the monkeys, but they are ratings gold it seems.

Disagree re the talent. It's a good story, but that's some ugly-heavy vibrato, and joyless delivery. Most Scottish women sing better than that.
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