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you are only blissfully unaware if they are boring old plain ones instead of awesome SockItToMe socks. Then, if you lose both, you will search everywhere until you've decided that the cats must be hiding them from you just to taunt you, only to later find them stashed in your underwear drawer by accident. The cats probably put them there.
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@catsvillage - because not all who celebrate christmas (as the usurped festival is commonly called) are christians. If you want to include and respect all religious views, then you shouldn't get your knickers in a twist when Christ plays second fiddle.
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I work for a govt agency and a few years back we were instructed by HQ to answer the phone with a "How may I serve you today?" The reasoning we were given was that they wanted the public to know that we're a "service organization". I was one of the few who complied, but my boss told me I could stop when she heard me asking the applicants (in the chirpiest voice I could muster) if they wanted me to supersize their permits.

There's a difference between having a policy in place to have employees answer the phone professionally and politely, and having them sound like mindless idiots.
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awesome! I taught my niece to say "Arr, where's the rum?" for Talk Like A Pirate Day when she was 18 mos old. Of course, it sounded more like "ahh, whe dee ummmm"
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