Sherlock Holmes vs. The Doctor

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Current BBC-TV icons sing Irving Berlin's "Anything You Can Do," originally written for the musical Annie Get Your Gun. The result is like a British version of Captain Kirk vs. Captain Picard: a fiercely-fought pop culture argument to no good end. -via Metafilter

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Fun fact:
Matt Smith (Doctor Who) was the first actor to audition for the part of Dr. Watson in "Sherlock". I'm glad Martin Freeman got it.
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my face watching this:

:D >:[ :D >:[ :D >:[ :D >:[ :D >:[ :D >:[ :D >:[ :D >:[ :D >:[ :D >:[ :D >:[ :D >:[ :D >:[ :D >:[ :D >:[ :D >:[

:D = The Doctor (Ten is better though...)

>:[ = Benedict Cumberbatch. His face looks like it was stung by bees. A lot.

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@Stubb I find Freeman to be far the weakest part of the show. He's a very limited actor and I never saw Watson as an irritating, sarcastic little git. Other than that Shelock has been a very watchable show, apart from "The Reichenbach Fall" which was a real let down.
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