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I thought of this idea years ago when I was 15 years old or so. I thought it was a great idea then and still think so. It might actually make long distance high speed trains in the U.S. a viable option.
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How convenient for everyone of you to discount the entire concept of religion based the false ideas of one religion. Perhaps you should do a little more research and mabey, just mabey, consult your maker before following the rest of the modern day lemmings.
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It's amazing to me how polarizing these comments seem to be for the most part. Either the commenter is for religion or against it. Most of the arguments above don't hold any water for me. There are far too many variables to be considered for anyone to make a solid judgment call in the 5 minutes they spend writing a comment on this website. Christianity is bad because Hitler was a Christian? Give me a break. You are going to judge an entire faith by the actions of the Nazis? Do you really the Nazi'd believed they were doing God's bidding? Of course they didn't. They were using God as a cover to lend credibility to their cause.

There have been many tyrants throughout history, and in the present day, that wave the banner of religion to support their own selfish causes. The very second these people make their God given choice to extort a religion is at the same point at which they are no longer a true representative of God, but rather a representative of only themselves.

I believe in God, in his example, and in the laws he set forth for mankind to follow. I do not follow his laws because I'm afraid of going to Hell. I try to follow them because doing so brings me closer to Him and because they strengthen the people around me and make the world a happier place. This makes me feel like a more worthwhile person. Those "atheists" who contribute to society by giving to the poor or helping school children, or by doing any kind of selfless charitable work are also, perhaps unknowingly, following God's laws by doing such work. I believe they do it because they want to contribute to their fellow human beings and that makes them feel worthwhile. Religious people should also do so for the same reason and not because they fear God's wrath. This is the same example Jesus Christ set when he was on the earth.
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Building giant edifices that no one needs to tout the superiority of communism. Haven't we seen this pattern before? And with spectacular failure no less?
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