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I never thought I would say these words: I agree with PETA here. That seems like pointlessly cruel to the possum. If PETA focused more on things like this and less on misogynistic sensationalistic ads and cries for attention. ><

That said, they DO do those things, so this one exception doesn't change that they are raving nutjobs.
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I moved from the US to Australia about a decade ago, and let me tell you, the money here is SO much nicer. It did feel a bit like the money was 'not real' when I first got here, but it faded fast. The color variance is a huge boon to casually telling things apart (They are also different sizes, slightly, to help the visually impaired), and they are durable as all heck. You can do pretty much anything to them and they look just fine.

Really, the money just /looks/ nicer here. You don't get many ratty old bills, or the gross ones you barely want to accept from a till. Pretty much every bill here looks new and crisp. And the cost to produce is extremely lower because we don't have to replace anywhere near the amount of 'dead' money as the US does.

The US licensed the tech back around when AU was putting it into place, but sadly never ran with it. Apparently they felt Americans are too dumb to accept money that isn't expensive green paper.
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Hey I'm a geek, I'm a girl, and I like to bake. Two of those matter here.

This is a far sight from Random Pink Crap Appliance. This is a fairly awesome tribute to a fairly awesome character by a company that makes amazing mixers. I'd be tempted if I didn't already HAVE a fantastic Kitchen-Aid mixer.

I'm a feminist, and I support this product!
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'Don't waste water'

Vonskippy, if your sister's 4 year old can write sentences in Chinese with his pee, I highly recommend monetising that. Ripleys, Guiness, SOMEONE is sure to pay to see it!
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I wish people would stop saying he was disbarred for being addicted to games. He was not! He was disbarred for gross incompetence.

Yes, game addiction was part of it, but by the accounts even that stemmed from deeper problems he was having.

But you don't get fired for being an alcoholic. You get fired for not doing your job. While one often leads to the other, it doesn't make them equivalent.
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Not shown: The following scene where the koala rips off her face.

Seriously, don't mess with koala's. They will .mess you up. once you get them to wake up. Those claws ain't decrotive, or small! The cute is a trap!
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Good for this! It was really bothering me that people getting help from non-dog animals were getting away with something. I mean, animals helping people with agoraphobia and other anxiety disorders? Pfft! Call us when you have a REAL disability (Until we think of a way to do away with help for those, too, because people with disabilities have them because of moral failings and DESERVE their lives!)

Please have sarcasm font installed before reading. :P
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I wish I had the TALENT to do this, aie! I can't even draw stick figures, but this is simply amazing. Good work, NyanCatKC!

Also, regardless of Von Skippy, I think feet are awesome, and yours are fine examples of them! I have to pluck mine to be remotely so nice!
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