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I've watched the entire show, and it really killed the musical. The original broadway musical (1966) was entitled: "It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Superman!" (see http://www.ibdb.com/production.php?id=3137)

It starred Bob Holiday as Superman and Jack Cassidy as the bad guy, Max Mencken. The music was really fun and really well done. Unfortunately, the TV version, besides having really bad casting, also "updated" the music to be more hip. Thus, really killing it.
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This is fascinating in so many ways. I also don't believe I've heard of one identical twin, with both living in the same household, self-identifying as a different gender. It puts the biological basis for transgender identification to a serious test.

That said, and with Miss Cellania's 3-dimensional knowledge space, Nicole's identity is female, her preference is not specified, but her genetics are male. It makes me wonder if our society forced her to identify as female, rather than being an effeminate male. (Of which I've known several - some being gay, some hetero, and some bi -- being effeminate appears to be separate from gender identity, similarly to how being masculine (for women), is separate from their gender identity and sexual preference.)

Is it possible that Nicole was effeminate by nature, and her family and friends *made the assumption* that she should therefore be female (even if the assumption was never stated out loud), and that forced her into her choice?

I would also raise the issue about her age and her sexual preference. While some youths may know at an early age what their preference is, many don't know until it hits them. (For instance, I was thirteen when I first became aroused. That solidified my preference, and it hasn't wavered since. But before that, I *never even thought about it*.) I would argue that before the onset of puberty, no person can know their own preference.
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Always a favorite of mine. It is a little hard to watch over and over because of the minimal acting skills, but the ending is very emotionally powerful.

I remember reading (I don't know how true it is) that Milius had trouble finding work after it because it's message was too patriotic and pro-American.
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All kidding aside, these would be bad for me. As I cannot visualize the answer (though one of my sons, at age 5 could easily have done this), I would never succeed.
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It appears to me that the "study" had a predestined conclusion, for which evidence was collected to prove the conclusion.

If I defined "more evolved" as having a stronger social structure and monogamous male-female long-term commitments (a.k.a. marriage), then I'm sure I could collect evidence to support my conclusion.
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This is definitely one of my favorite covers.

They were obviously having fun, and with very little modification, made it into a nice bluegrass song.
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So, all those environmentalists who said that the loss of limbs *was* caused by pollution were lying to us the entire time!!!eleventy!!11!!
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#6 Apple of my eye

See Deuteronomy 32:10. He found them in a desert land, and in a desolate, howling wasteland. He encompassed them and bestowed understanding upon them; He protected them as the apple of His eye.

Psalms 17:8 Keep me as the apple of your eye. Hide me under the shadow of your wings

Proverbs 7:2 Keep my commandments and live! Guard my teaching as the apple of your eye

Zechariah 2:8 For thus says the Lord of Hosts:'For honor he has sent me to the nations which plundered you; for he who touches you touches the apple of His eye

All long before the English stopped painting themselves blue ((grin)).

It seems that I will have to do my own research on Neatorama lists for now on...
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Of the recent crop of Zombie movies:

Good: Zombies Anonymous - Zombies attempt to integrate into a society that discriminates against the undead. Obviously done on the cheap, but certainly has some funny moments.

Bad: Zombie Nation - Cheapo sets. Bad direction. Bad acting. Stupid story. Poorly written. Cop kills girls who come back as zombies to take revenge. But still watchable if you like bad movies (as I do).

Also, I'll second Fido and Oldboy as must-sees. Fido is humorous, but treats the subject matter seriously (until the end), and has a great cast of actors. Oldboy is ***SERIOUSLY*** twisted. Me likey! (Except for the ending, which like many foreign films is unclear about the final disposition of its characters.)

And, you should get a chance to see Return of the Living Dead III. It breaks with the first two in not going for humor as much, and thus, takes itself a bit too seriously. But, it makes up for it when she (the zombie) tries to not eat her boyfriend. (If you have the picture on the cover of the movie, you know what I mean.)

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