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I like Pocket Full Of Sunshine Pun by happinessinatee. I like Neatorama because there's always something interesting to read, & they introduced me to Atlas Obscura. I only *kinda* like the Neatoshop. Cool tees, beautifully printed, but can you really get through the whole thing & see all of them? Not likely ;-)
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It's only a horror movie if you don't value women as friends. I get the joke, but the message is 'she obviously doesn't want to date me, but I'm going to keep pressuring her anyway"
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VERY unlikely! While technically you CAN get enough acrylic yarn to knit a baby sweater for $7 in 3 days, You're really unlikely to find that yarn in a specialty shop. Also, since this has been discussed extensively on Ravelry, what's to stop her from just buying some charity shop items & presenting them to the judge?
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Caique's are an incredibly playful breed of bird. They can get very bitey as adults though. Plus they should live around 25 years, so they aren't for the faint of heart
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So go look at the Hamburglar from the 70s again, & tell me how a good looking guy isn't an improvement. I grew up in the 70s, & despite HR Puffenstuff, the Hamburglar was FREAKY
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I used to love watching Kimba's adventures when I was a kid in the 70s! When Disney's ripoff came out, I refused to even rent it, despite the fact that I was the only one who had even heard of Kimba the White Lion. It's great hearing from other fans!
Now, how do we get someone to put it out on DVD?
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I've never liked pranking, thanks to a cruel older brother, & I have to agree: someone's going to get shot. When my daughter was 12, she thought it would be funny to startle me, & got punched in the face. If my reaction to my own daughter is a punch, then yes, someone is bound to get shot
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This object is obviously a corset tightener. The aperture was opened, the teeth set against the corset's edges, then tightened with the included spanner (not pictured). A very handy device for getting ladies dressed into last year's fashions!

Slayer of minions, sz 2XL
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It was pretty awful, except for Bill Murray, especially at the end. My damn kids wanted to watch it. This is why you shouldn't let kids pick the movie!
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This is an early model for sending Text Type Messages. Note the classic mid-century wooden case, to fit in with 'modern' decor! It didn't catch on for several decades, until the technology made it smaller & portable.

Evolution- Proving the Egg Came First, sz XXL
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Tea tree oil cleared up a nail fungus, it took about a month. Coconut oil, rubbed into my skin every day, cleared up my adult acne & occasional dandruff
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This is a Goth-erator. It's used to instantly turn teenagers into multiple pierced goths. It generally comes with a 4 inch wide paintbrush, for applying white makeup, & a 2 inch wide brush, for black.
Quasars are Far Out, adult size XL
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