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White versions occur naturally in ALL dog breeds. You just don't usually see them if they are not an "approved" AKC color because breeders will just destroy the puppies because they "can't sell them at show dog price". I owned a pure white, pure bred Miniature Schnauzer...that's the how I found out about it. Disgusting, really. As a side note...she was a perfectly healthy, normal Mini Schnauzer with no health issues(which breeders will claim to justify killing them- but we all know it's all about the money).
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A lot of these are not actually 100% true...for example, Conan Doyle actually based Sherlock Holmes on Dr. Joseph bell who was a real person. Also, just because something is inspired by something else doesn't make it a rip off.
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"Thomas Edison held over a thousand patents for gadgets that changed the world."... most of which he blatantly stole, robbing their true inventors of money, notoriety, and their place in history". No, Edison has secured his place in hell, and I don't care to read anything about this glorified thief and swindler.
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The problem with Sinbad was the NOT subtle CGI animation. It was like watching two movies mashed together and visually it didn't work. Dreamworks should have learned not that traditional animation is bad, but being lazy with it IS. They should have gone all-traditional animation, it would have been much much better to look at.
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