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DUI on a horse is the same as DUI on a bike( at least here in California). A driver/rider must be sober and in control. Although I never had to arrest anyone drunk on a horse I did arrest 5 or 6 bicycle riders that were under the influence. Both are no-no's, but I cannot speak for the rest of the country =)
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I think the author is reading WAY too much into it. It's called "pop" because it means "popular". Stuff can be popular without needing to shoehorn into some kind of social disorder diagnoses. If someone enjoys something, it stands to reason that they would want others to enjoy it, too. Frankly, if someone is having the "reactance, a psychological phenomenon in which a person who feels their freedom being constricted adopts a combative stance, turning a piece of art we might otherwise be neutral about into an object of derision", that's their problem, and really nothing more than the form of an infantile temper tantrum.
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