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This is yet another Unresearched clickbait website. Constructed by one guy who faked his way through it.
Nebraska - 71 is on the opposite side of the state from where shown on the map
North Dakota - Ft. Yates to Solen listed as 211 miles actual 34

Try checking the clickbait before wasting our time
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I would SO get one of these (I don't have any at present) It would be USEFUL!
I can't wait to say "excuse me , my butt is tingling, I have to take this"
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A friend of mine used to travel with a stencil and a spray can. Whenever the urge would strike he would label a manhole or storm drain "C.H.U.D. Access"

Ya' had to be there ta get it.
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The basic math in this article is ENTIRELY wrong.

If a Barrel of oil costs $74 (approximate current price)
and you only get .5 gallons of gasoline (119047 barrels = 57,000 gallons of gasoline) from a barrel how much does gasoline cost?

I don't know the truth but I can sure spot an UNTRUTH
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The Western bias helped me as well (except I had to pay to go there).
And it also makes me pretty sure the photo for Capitol Reef is really from Arches.
I have a (several) photo(s) of that exact location because it impressed me so much.
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Wow! are they working on gasoline pills to?
And how about water in pill form?
And OIL! that would be so easy! Just drop a couple pills in the oil fill and be Done! Plus I'll bet it would be easy to get the old oil out too just pull the drain plug and the dust would pour out. No more messy spills!

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